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It doesn’t matter if you are a one-day visitor or a multi-week adventurer, I am here to guide you all around my homeland.

Please don’t hesitate to ask anything about my country.

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    Larry Dye

    Returning to Turkey, 30 years after my first visit, was an adventure that far exceeded my expectations. The first 16 days a group of Pilgrims following in the Footsteps of St. Paul, were guided by Aydin Aygun of Eon Travel. I was delighted to revisit Istanbul, Ephesus and Kusadasi, while seeing for the first time the splendors of so many other sites in Turkey and getting to know many of my fellow pilgrims, some of whom I had never met, or only met briefly prior to the trip. Those 16 days were filled with camaraderie, inspiration, education, and a sampling of Turkish food that defies description. The next eight or so days were filled with lavish hospitality from a young friend who lived in my home for several years while perfecting his English and earning a college degree at a university near my home. Since his return to Turkey, he joined the family business, got married and now has his first child. Being with his family, including his four older brothers and their families was a joyous occasion, filled with great food, visits to many sites in and around their homes in Bursa, as well as an outing to Iznik, and family dinners. How could the final six days of my stay in Turkey possibly compare with the first three or so weeks? Little did I know that they would provide “The Grand Finale” to my Turkish Adventure. My final six days were just that because of the expert guidance of Mert Gunal, in whose capable hands I found an introduction to Turkish locations I had never seen. There is no way I can adequately express the experience of those six days…the natural beauty of central Turkey, the wonder of so many ancient civilizations whose locations we visited and whose artifacts were so expertly placed in the museums we visited, the modern sites, such as the great Ataturk Mausoleum in Ankara, and, as always, the variety of expertly prepared Turkish dishes we tasted at virtually every meal. Mert tied it all together in such a way as to make it more than a great trip. He made it a trip of absolute enchantment. Mert brought knowledge and skill as he guided me through this part of Turkey I had never seen, to be sure. His careful attention to every detail, his invaluable assistance in helping me negotiate steep stairways or facilitating shipment home of purchased items, the ease with which he found, negotiated, and purchased a new suitcase for me to transport home with me items I had acquired beyond the capacity of the luggage I brought with me, and, knowing of my deep appreciation for music of so many genres, the flash drive he brought to play an eclectic mixture of his musical favorites, provided the substance of unforgettable memories. By the time this trip was over, I had made not merely a new acquaintance, but a new beloved and cherished friend for life. Who could ask for more?

  2. artmert

    Larry, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.It was a real pleasure for me to travel with you. Every travel is a story and thank you for making this story unique…
    Your friend Mert.

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